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following it closely. john coxly. new york board of election spokesperson. and one of your ideas was extend voting to the next day november seventh, right. >> it wouldn't happen the next day. do you to a natural disaster less than 25 percent of the registered vores in a particular jurisdiction don't turn out there can be additional day of voting that takes place no less than 20 days after the election. we have to determine the turn out in the area and then the state board would desigate when the election would take place. >> neil: that could be confusion and abuse? >> we have never done it before. it is the first time it happened. >> neil: have you had election than fewer of the -- off have voted? >> no, last year we had impact from hurricane irene and lee and a similar situation of moving poll sites and we were able to do that and this provision of the law would not be available for that. as i said we have never done that. >> neil: now, a cynic in me would say it is sort of like a football game and you don't like the score and you extend to a fifth or sixth quarter. i know that is not your
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)